Feministisch Töpfern mit Anne und Catharina

Villa Vulva ist ein kleines, solidarisches, non-profit
Keramik-Atelier im KAOS Berlin-Schöneweide.
Wir, Anne und Catharina, haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, unsere Leidenschaft des Töpfers zu teilen. Dabei sind wir offen für verschiedene Arten der Zusammenarbeit, da wir einen kreativen Begegnungsraum im Kiez schaffen möchten.

Das Besondere an Villa Vulva ist, dass wir Töpfern mit politischem Aktivismus verbinden. Wir beschäftigen uns mit dem Spektrum an Geschlechtsorganen und anderen Körperteilen und möchten damit insbesondere das Tabu um weibliche und intersex Geschlechtsorgane brechen.

Zudem bereitet uns das Töpfern mit der Drehscheibe viel Freude, die wir gerne im Rahmen von Workshops und offenen Töpferabenden mit euch teilen! Folgt uns auf Instagram oder Facebook oder abonniert unseren Newsletter, um von unsere aktuellen Angebote mitzubekommen.

Villa Vulva is a small, solidary ceramic studio
in Berlin Schöneweide.

We, Anne and Catharina, have made it
our mission to share our passion for pottery.
We are open for different kinds
of cooperation, as we want to create a open creative meeting place in the

Villa Vulva is special because we
combine pottery with political activism.
We are concerned with the spectrum
of genitals and other body parts
and would like to break the taboo
on female and intersex
sexual organs.

In addition, we really enjoy
turning clay on the pottery wheel,
which we are eager
to share with you in workshops and open pottery evenings!
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The new year starts with a cup of tea ☕️

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Merry Clitmas to everyone!
We run out of boobycups - just before the holidays! thanks to the ongoing process of creating, there will be new ones coming soon. :)

You find a small number of our ceramics @radikalecker_cafe in Weserstraße and @muschkebart in the first house of @gaswerksiedlung 

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Nothing better than starting Monday morning with your favourite mug ❤️
“There must be more to your pottery than putting genitals on it” we heard the other day :) 
Thanks for the well-intentioned advice, but for us the vulva is our central object of art and one of the most underrepresented ones. Hardly anyone can even draw a vulva. With our work we create visibility and embrace it. Not everyone has to like or understand our art - that’s ok! When it gets uncomfortable - it calls out to our work. So thank you ♥️

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Preparing clay for transition 💪🏻 To get rid of airbubbles we hit the clay with our hands. It’s also a great way to release some anger. 🧨

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Sometimes we have a cup in mind, which we would like to give to one person. For one person, we tried lots of different techniques to create a cup that fits to them! Here is the result 🤗
Throwing on the wheel - one of the most satisfying and meditative parts of creating ceramics. We are working on new bigger projects 😎 especially in wintertimes we feel very privileged to have this opportunity to be creative and stay safe at the studio.
We hope you are all doing good and stay warm 🧡
Greetings from the @merryclitsmasmarket @alte_muenze - the place to get amazing Christmas presents this year!

Come around and convince yourself ;-)
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Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen ☀️ 
Wir nutzen die Gelegenheit und stellen uns - für alle die uns nicht kennen - vor:
Wir sind Catharina (mit den kurzen Haaren, links im Bild) und Anne (weißer Pulli, lange Haare) Keramikkünstler*innen aus Berlin. Gemeinsam sind wir VillaVulva. 
Wir machen seit fast zwei Jahren feministische Keramik und geben regelmäßig Workshops für FLINTA-Gruppen. Den virtuellen Insta-Raum nutzen wir, um euch einen Einblick in unsere Welt der Keramik zugeben und begleiten euch mit lustigen Storys 

good morning ☀️ 
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves:
We are Catharina (with the short hair, left in the picture) and Anne (white sweater, long hair) ceramic artists from Berlin and together we are VillaVulva. 
We have been making feminist ceramics for almost two years and regularly give workshops for FLINTA-groups. We use the virtual Insta-space to give you an insight into our world of ceramics and accompany you with funny stories.
Working with clay on the wheel is so relaxing, centuring, meditative for us. 
Have you tried it before?
We are offering individual classes on the pottery wheel and also send printed vouchers if you would like to give this experience to loved ones.

In the picture you can see the second step in the wheel process where the bottom/outside of a bowl is shaped. This step happens around 24 hours after the basic shape is thrown, and is, as well as applying colours, included in our workshops.
Would you like to feel clay on your hands? 
We are working on new workshop concepts and will be offering several great options in the next months. We just need some time to settle and prepare ourselves. If you like to be updated, sign up for our newsletter on our website www.villavulva.de 
Stay warm, stay safe ♥️ we are looking forward to seeing you soon
We arrive slowly at our new studio @kaosberlin 

These green ware beauties are waiting for the kiln to be installed and finally become bisk-fired 🔥